Do you know Mondays Child



Ruth I had not thought of this little poem in many years but with the impending birth of a nieces fifth child in the next few days, it came to mind. I used to know the rhyme by memory but had to look it up this week.  You can see it here and read some information about the rhyme although the author is unknown.

Titled simply Monday’s Child

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go,
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

So which child are you? Does your personality reflect what the poem says about the day your were born?  I have two Thursday’s children and one Monday child. I myself was a Sunday’s child. Enjoy.




Spring color slow to come

Spring may not be forthcoming as much as we would like, but no cold winter freeze, wind or temperature can keep down a crocus or a daffodil. This little daffodil looks like what we called a Jonquil as a young girl. It was found in an out of the way place and I moved it so it would get the attention it deserves. However a Jonquil has fleshy tube like leaves. So this is actually a Daffodil.

small jonquil

Daffodil bulbs will put out a little growth in the late winter sun, hunker down when the cold winter air returns only to rise a few inches more until that little bud just comes bursting forth. What a joy it is to see the first colors of spring. White, purples, blues and the wonderful yellows of crocus, daffodils, grape hyacinths and in my yard lots and lots of Ipheion blues.

Ipheion uniflorum have the distinct scent of onions when stepped upon or when you are doing the first grass mowing in the early spring (or maybe the last for the winter in some areas).









The common Ipheion is a light blue but there are other colors like shades of pink. And of course that is just the one I would like to have. Maybe a trip through cyber space will net me a pink for this year.

There are four types of Daffodils in my gardens, Some with long horns and some with short horns. They are either solid yellow or a combination of white and yellow.  They have been beautiful with the on again off again weather patterns. Just the way a Daffodil loves to grow.

daffodils 2014 005

Hoping your spring gardens are beginning to brighten your days and fill them with wonder and joy.


Amber Alert and Facebook

A young girl was abducted by her father. The mother was found murdered in their home. An Amber Alert was immediately issued and followed the man and his daughter through three states before being found in South Carolina.

On Facebook these Amber Alerts pass by our eyes on a daily basis, sometimes we pass them on by liking and sharing, sometimes we don’t bother. I may look at this differently after this Amber Alert came before my eyes.

I saw the alert, liked and shared it with people on my news feed. A friend saw the alert and recognized the man and his daughter. She had booked them into her local motel the night before only a day after the alert was put out. In fact the man came in the next morning to pay for another night. It had been a long drive from Maryland.

She called the police and they were able to take this man into custody and get the child to a safe place. This young girl is a twin and has other siblings. A family dynamic has been changed, even though it may not have been the wonderful family of story book fare, it was this young girls family and she deserves better.

Social media has become a mecca for many of life’s issues. Some think it is a waste of time. But I will not look at my Facebook page quite the same after this week in March 2014.

You can read the news report here:

Weather related aches and pains

Ice and Snow 2002

There are times when that barometric pressure is changing so rapidly that my body responds in a very negative way. Barometric pressure is the weight of the atmosphere around all of us. Days like today it feels as if the pressure is bearing down hard on muscles and joints.

This change in weather can leave us with headaches that are hard to control, achy muscles that don’t want to respond to the general medications we often use. And if you have any arthritis, your joints will feel the affect in a big way.

How do we combat the changes in our bodies when the weather is changing? If our discomfort is not too severe an OTC medication may help, but there are times when the aches and pains and the headaches keep us from functioning as we normally do. If you are still working you may have to do the best that you can to get through the day. If you are retired, you can take that day to rest and keep warm if this is a winter time event. When grandma said ‘it is going to rain today’ and it does? She was feeling the brunt of the barometric pressure working on her body.

Spring will be here soon and the weather related aches and pains will subside with the increase of the temperatures. At least for my body the weather does not affect me as much in the warmer months. This winter has been a doozy so come on Spring do your thing.

A little information from the webmd website:

The Butler – a movie

The movie The Butler is based on the life of Cecil Gaines who was butler to 8 presidents from Eisenhower to Reagan. He lived long enough to see President Obama elected to the office of President of the United States.

This movie should be seen by all that can comprehend what was happening throughout the 30 years or so that Cecil Gaines cared for our presidents. His life spanned the days of slavery, racial unrest in the 1960’s, and the death of President Kennedy. He had two sons, one of which joined the Black Panther movement and fought for civil rights for all people, the other son enlisted in the military and died in the Viet Nam war.

Another movie that is worthy of watching with several generations is The Help. This movie shows racial unrest from a different angle, though the era of unrest is covered in both movies it is seen in a more domestic way in The Help. Gone With The Wind is an example of a movie that shows the divide between people and how they coped with the difference in lifestyles. One of my favorite movies, Dr Zhivago, shows the vast differences in other countries. If you love The Sound of Music then you have seen another example of the effect race division has on all people.presidents

Race divides peoples of all countries. There are no easy or fast answers to this problem. All people are the same, want the same things out of life, share common experiences yet we cannot get over the preconceived notions that these differences must keep us separated.

Photo is from MorgueFile

Skin Cancer

There are many types of skin cancer with Basal cell and Squamous cell being the most common. Actinic Keratoses are considered non-cancerous, but can become cancerous. The most deadly form of skin cancer is Melanoma. Melanoma is an aggressive type of skin cancer and can progress rapidly and affect the bones and the brain.

1 skin cancer photoThe photo with this article is of my own hand. I believe it to be a Squamous cell skin cancer. A trip to the dermatologist will confirm my suspicions. If I am right this may be what is called Bowen skin cancer. The doctor will be able to diagnose and treat the skin cancer.

I have fair skin and am over the age of 60 so that puts me more at risk for Squamous cell skin cancer than my younger counterparts. Over the last 5 to 10 years there have been several Basal cell and Actinic Keratoses skin cancers removed from my skin. My sisters have also had numerous skin cancers removed.

As children growing up we were always outside playing. With our fair skin and a bent to sunburn it has made us more susceptible to developing skin cancer as adults. As adults, we now cover ourselves with sun protecting lotions and wear hats to shade our faces. As I love to garden it is difficult to keep the sun protection on through the perspiration on a hot day. And a hat has always made me feel even hotter, but I am getting better at protecting my skin.

You should always be aware of any changes to your skin, any small spot that is new and doesn’t go away or gets larger, a mole that changes the way it has always looked. Have someone look at your back and the backs of your legs for any changes or new spots on your skin. The best thing is to establish a relationship with a
dermatologist and see them at least once a year. Protect your skin from the sun’s rays, browner is not always better.

Photo is my own 2/2014


Skin Cancer

Bowen Squamous Cell

Eucalyptus Mint scented candle

During a trip to the mall one day I stopped in one of the shops that carries scented candles. There was a sale going on and I purchased three small scented candles. One of the scents was Eucalyptus Mint. Today I struck a match to that one and let it burn for a little while. At first the scent was mostly just a slight scent of the wick. Then I could smell the real scent and it was very pleasant.2 candle photo

Now that it has been burning for 30 minutes or so I realize it is giving me a bit of a headache. So it has been blown out. This room I use as my office space is small and perhaps in a larger room the scent of Eucalyptus Mint would not be so concentrated. It is a nice scent and I will try it again in other parts of the house.

My favorite of the three candles is  ‘Leaves’ – a little sweet scent reminiscent of early fall. The third one is ‘Cinnamon & Clove Buds’, all three are very nice. I prefer purchasing the smaller candles as the don’t lose there scent over time as quickly as a larger candle.

Would like to find a really nice chocolate scented candle. Most I have tried smelled too artificial. There is always another day to look around isn’t there?