Insects do not like to be disturbed

The garden is a wonderful place to relax, raise your vegetables, watch as your flowering plants flourish but it can also harbor some critters you don’t want to encounter.

While weeding and cleaning out an area that had not been disturbed in quite some time the No-seeum insects were not happy that their hiding place had been found.  There are times you might see a large swarm of these tiny insects but more often than not you will not see them at all. They bite in order to suck blood to feed to their larvae, which luckily do not live on you, but in very damp places like the area of my yard that was being worked that fateful day.

By the next day my scalp was full of bites that felt like mosquito bites but this itch was almost painful and made my skin crawl with chill bumps. Beginning to wonder if this was a case of head lice I sought advice from my hairdresser. She confirmed that indeed these were no-seeum bites. Since there is not a treatment for the itch she suggested a treatment for dry scalp might help with the itch.

Life in the wild is wonderful; camping trips, walks in the woods, sitting by the creek or a rippling stream but do cover up with shirts, pants and scarves or hats for your head. It will save you a lot of grief after your relaxing vacation. Be sure your tents have screens and flaps so insects can’t invade your space while you are sleeping.

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